Swedish Business Awards 2016

In 2015 the Swedish Business Awards became the first sustainable event in Lithuania following requirements of the ISO 20121:2012 standard, which was introduced during the London Olympic Games in 2012 and successfully followed by such international events as Eurovision in Sweden in 2013, FIFA World Cup Brazil in 2014, Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games in 2016. It will also be followed by EXPO Dubai in 2020 and FIFA World Cup Qatar in 2022.

Headquarters of the Business Sweden in Stockholm reported to the United Nations Global Compact that pilot initiative of sustainable event – the Swedish Business Awards in Lithuania – was one of the best global practice examples at Business Sweden in 2015 .

The Swedish Business Awards in Lithuania 2016 reached impressive sustainability outcomes: comparing to 2015, paper consumption reduced up to
80 %, 98 % recycled or composted waste, 0 % cut flowers decorations, 0 % plastic purchase, 100 % local and vegetarian menu, 100 % tap water for guests etc. After the event, EXITUS calculated the amount of non-avoided carbon emissions and initiated carbon offsetting project where Business Sweden Lithuania and key stakeholders planted one thousand pine trees compensating the negative impact to the environment.

The whole event was organised and managed under holistic sustainability approach, which is revealed in a Sustainable Event Report 2016.

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REPORT: Swedish Business Awards 2016 Sustainable Event Report