Conference and Discussion Forum “Waste Management 2017”

Two-days conference and discussion forum “Waste Management” is a platform for environmental, economic and social progress insights active for 14 years. Taking into account the global trends of sustainable development and sustainable events, the organisers of this event took the lead and this year initiated the first sustainable Lithuanian event that meets international criteria. The mission of this event is to become a good example and source of inspiration for participants, partners, sponsors and interested parties, which would enrich the experience of responsibility and promote the organization of sustainable events in Lithuania.

Exitus UAB together with the organizers of the event – Ekokonsultacijos UAB and Marmelad UAB – agreed to develop a long-term partnership. The first sustainable event highlighted the priorities of the long-term stakeholder dialogue, the Declaration of Sustainable Partnership among organizers, partners and sponsors was signed. Environmentally, 75 % of the menu was vegetarian and local (94 %), only the table water was served. Purchase of plastic materials and special decorations was refused, reduction of paper consumption encouraged, importance of public transport and car-sharing usage emphasised. All participants of the event were asked to disclose their transportation data, event’s fuel, energy, materials consumption as well as waste generation, sorting and recycling data was professionally accounted and translated into event’s carbon emissions (CO2eq).

In order to fully compensate the negative environmental effect of the first sustainable Lithuanian event, organisers developed two projects:
1. According to mutual agreement, partner for the event venue – Vilnius SPA Druskininkai hotel – has completely abandoned the use of plastic for drinking water (since 2017 September).
2. In partnership with professional Lithuanian foresters, organisers will invest into replantation of Lithuanian forests (in 2018 April).

Sustainable Event Report “Waste Management 2017”: TVARAUS RENGINIO ATASKAITA ATF2017